Student Discount

AuroHome is delighted to present our "Student Discount" program, a thoughtfully designed initiative aimed at empowering students to craft their dream living environments without straining their budgets. In acknowledgment of the financial constraints often encountered by students, we have developed an exclusive discount program that delivers substantial savings on an array of home products. Whether decking out a snug dorm room or setting up a first apartment, our discounts are tailored to the student lifestyle, ensuring that stylish and practical home decor is within reach.

How to Apply for AuroHome's "Student Discount"

Verification Process:

To take advantage of our "Student Discount," students can authenticate their current enrollment by emailing us at using their valid .edu email address. We extend a generous discount of up to 20% on our entire product range, making it certain that every student can reap the benefits of our commitment to their academic and personal success.

Through this initiative, AuroHome is not just offering a financial lift; we're cultivating an atmosphere of homeliness and ease that complements the student experience. We are thrilled to contribute to the vibrant journey of students, assisting them in curating a living space that is both aesthetically pleasing and financially considerate.